The Maid is always looking for people to help out with fundraising, and there are lot of fun ways you can get involved in what we think is a great cause. Check out some of our top fundraising ideas for Maid of the Loch below:

Maid Photography Competition

­‐ Small fee to enter

‐ Best photo involving the Maid wins

‐ If you contact us we’ll use the winning shot as the cover photo for our Facebook and Twitter pages!

Sponsored Walk-a-thon

‐ Get some exercise and get paid for it!

‐ You could always plan a route through Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park

‐ Be sure to stop by the Maid of the Loch!

Maid to Bake Sale

‐ Get together and get baking

‐ Sell sweet treats for a good cause

­‐ Why not organise a bake-off style competition best cake/best seller?

Bring and Buy Sale

­‐ People have things you want; you have things other people want!

‐ Bring some items along to be sold

‐ Buy hidden gems that others bring

Pub Quiz

‐ Small entry fee per person

­‐ Winners receive cash prize/donated prize

­‐ Offer clues to difficult questions/bonus points in exchange for donations

‐ Fine people a £1 donation if they’re caught on their phone

Football Cards

­‐ Pick a Saturday when there’s a good fixture list in the Scottish/English leagues

‐ Print cards with five or six matches along the top, and room for people to add their names down the side

‐ ‘1’ for a home win, ‘2’ for an away win and ‘X’ for a draw

‐ £1 per line, any correct line wins a prize