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We're Hiring! Community Liaison and Volunteer Officer

We're Hiring! Community Liaison and Volunteer Officer

Join the Loch Steamship Company and be part of a passionate team working to restore and conserve the Maid of the Loch, by creating an amazing visitor attraction.


  1. To deliver the HLF Activity Plan for Maid of the Loch

  2. To establish the Maid of the Loch as a place of heritage activity, engagement and volunteering LLSC has recently received grants to fund the restoration and conservation works. The main aim is now to attract more visitors of all ages and backgrounds open the Pools and deliver our Activity Plan. A key element of that delivery is the employment of a part time officer to assist trustees and volunteers as they focus on Community, Liaison and Volunteering (CLV) in the context of our heritage aspirations. The CLVO will spend the initial part of the contract re-kindling relationships with potential delivery partners, gaining a deep understanding of the trustees and the project so far, and developing learning programmes, building participation and evaluation into the interpretation, whilst recruiting and training new volunteers. Following this initial phase, the balance of the contract will be spent running the heritage activities (alongside the trustees and volunteers) and events to attract new audiences and establishing sustainable learning and community programmes. The CLVO will follow the user-led approach and concepts of the NLHF guidance by ensuring community participation and engagement. The CLVO is expected to develop the learning programmes to meet targets and any related income/expenditure budgets as well as liaising with delivery partners according to the Activity Plan.

Download full Job Description > 19.08.04 CLVO Job Description

Please email your CV and any other useful information to or by letter to: Loch Lomond Steamship Company Pier Road Balloch G83 8QX

All questions are also welcomed using the above contact details.

CLOSING DATE: Wednesday 28th August 2019